Norma, Royal Opera

“ROH, Norma”
13-09-2016  Opera Today
“The minor roles of Pollione’s friend Flavio and Norma’s confidante Clotilde, were sung competently by two Jette Parker Young Artists: David Junghoon Kim and Vlada Borovko respectively.”

(Claire Seymour) 

JPYA Summer Performance at Covent Garden 2016
Концерт молодых талантов Ковент-Гардена
“Впечатляюще был исполнен эпизод «Кати Кабановой», где Катерина – наша Влада Боровко – великолепно контролирующая верхние ноты, порадовала нас своим сверкающим тембром и ярким исполнением. В прошедшем сезоне она прекрасно исполнила роль Ксении в «Борисе Годунове», пела Фраскиту в «Кармен», а в марте дебютировала в «Травиате» как Виолетта.”
(Людмила Яблокова)
A Summer Performance Showcases Young Talent Nurtured by the Jette Parker Young Artists
18-07-2016 Seen and Heard International
“Nobody had anything less than a good voice but – in my opinion – only three singers genuinely commanded the stage and particularly drew my eyes to them: Russia’s Vlada Borovko, Australia’s Emily Edmonds and England’s James Platt. Singing in Czech and Russian admittedly did cause all of them to be thinking more about the sound of their words rather than their acting; whilst all those involved were obviously happier when later singing in Italian or German.”
(Jim Pritchard)
Bright singing, grim staging: the JPYA Summer Performance at Covent Garden
17 July 2016 “Bachtrack Ltd”
“Vlada Borovko gave a heartfelt Kát’a, steely top notes confidently placed…”
(Mark Pullinger)
Nabucco, Royal Opera
“Nabucco”, Royal Opera, June 2016
“The act I trio between Ismaele, Fenena and Abigail was beautifully sung, as were supporting roles, with ROH Young Artist Vlada Borovko notable as Zaccaria’s sister Anna”.
(Mark Ronan)
Boris Godunov, Covent Garden 
classical and opera reviews Prom 2: Boris Godunov @ Royal Albert Hall, London
17 Jul 2016 MusicOMH
“The well-known rebuttal to Mussorgsky that the opera lacked a reasonably important female role proved well founded, but that did not stop Russian soprano Vlada Borovko making the most of her single scene as Boris’ daughter Xenia. It would certainly be welcome to hear her assume more extensive repertoire in future.”
(Evan Dickerson)
A Splendid Boris Godunov at the Proms
18-07-2016  Seen and Heard International
“Vlada Borovko reprised her excellence as Xenia, but Clarissa Meek took over, succesfully, from Sarah Pring for Xenia’s Nurse.”
(Colin Clarke)
Prom 2: Royal Opera’s spine-tingling Boris Godunov transfers to the Proms
17 July 2016 “Bachtrack Ltd”
“Amongst the more minor roles, nods should go to Jeremy White’s police officer, Nikitich who opened the opera with a powerful, sonorous bass, and Vlada Borovko’s Xenia, the only female role in this version, whose warm soprano was given too little to sing.” 
(Dominic Lowe)
“Boris Godounov opéra de Modeste Moussorgski”
2016-03-21 “Anaclase”,
Parmi les autres seconds rôles l’on remarque le soprano russe Vlada Borovko, attachante Xenia éplorée..
(Bertrand Bolognesi)
“Boris Godunov, Covent Garden”
2016-03-16 “Opera Today”, London
And, in the Tsar’s apartments – where a map marks Russia’s territories in red, as if the land is bathed in blood – sweet-toned relief is offered by Xenia (Vlada Borovko), who laments the death of her fiancé, and her Nurse (Sarah Pring), who tries to console her.
(Claire Seymour)
“In Review: Boris Godunov”
2016-03-19 Schmopera, London
Jette Parker Youth Artist Vlada Borovko was heartbreakingly beautiful as Xenia, Boris’ daughter. She sang with a clear, powerful sound that fit this masculine opera.
(Jenna Douglas)
“Musorgsky’s Boris Godunov at the Royal Opera House”
2016-03-20 “Sunday express”, London
John Graham-Hall as Prince Shuisky subtly undermines the beleaguered Tsar, and Royal Opera Young Artist Vlada Borovko impresses as Boris’s unhappy daughter Xenia.
“Mussorgsky : Boris Godunov / Royal Opera, 14th March 2015” 
2016-03-15 Opera Britannia, London
Fortunately the other parts were of high standard with special mention of Kostas Smoriginas excellent as Shchelkalov (what a gift of a role this is!) and Vlada Borovko as Xenia.
(Sebastian Petit)
Carmen, Royal Opera House

 “Carmen @ Royal Opera House, London”

2015-10-20 Music OMH, London
Her friends Frasquita and Mercédès were strongly characterized by Vlada Borovko and Michèle Losier respectively, and Grant Doyle and Timothy Robinson made their mark as the two smugglers.
(Melanie Eskenazi)
“Una Carmen per Parigi”
2015-11-14 “L’ape musicale”,
Apprezzabili la Frasquita di Vlada Borovko e la Mercedes di Rachel Kelly.
(Pietro Gandetto)
 “Well-Rehearsed Covent Garden Carmen Lacks a Dramatic Coup de Grâce”
2015-10-19 Seen and Heard International, London
The smaller roles were as well-prepared as everything else seemed to have been: Vlada Borovko and Michèle Losier were a pair of high-spirited foils for Carmen as Frasquita and Mercédès, with Grant Doyle and Timothy Robinson having fun as the conspiring smugglers, Le Dancaïre and Le Remendado.
(Jim Pritchard)
“Carmen at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden”
“Opera Online”, London
…while Vlada Borovko and Michèle Losier are excellent as Carmen’s gypsy friends, Frasquita and Mercédès.
(Sam Smith)
“Review: Carmen (Royal Opera, London)”
2015-10-30 “Limelight Magazine”, London
Along with Vlada Borovko as Frasquita and Michele Losier as Mercedes, all four provided a welcome freshness to a sometimes pedestrian revival.
(Howard Shepherdson)
“Review: Carmen, Royal Opera House”
2015-10-29 “A young theatre”, London
Of the supporting performers, the pairing of Michèle Losier and Vlada Borovko as Carmen’s gypsy friends must be praised – feisty and in sync with each other, these two are a welcome addition to each of the scenes they play a role in.
(Daniel Perks)
“Opera “Porgy and Bess” by Gershwin was performed on the Shaliapin festival again”
2015-02-04 “The business online”, Kazan
And the Conservatory student  Vlada Borovko glittered with her absolutely lovely timbre, singing Strawberry Woman gorgeously.
(Elena Cheremnih)
On Shaliapin’s celebration in Kazan”
2014-02-16, Kazan
The quartet of  the main characters  was professionally supported by  the smugglers with their plucky Gypsy friends. These parts were  performed by Kazan soloists Yuri Ivshin, Yuri Petrov, Gulnora Gatina and Vlada Borovko.
( Russian: “Квартет главных персонажей профессионально поддержали контрабандисты со своими боевыми подругами-цыганками. Эти партии исполнили казанские солисты Юрий Ившин, Юрий Петров, Гульнора Гатина и Влада Боровко”.)
(Eugeny Tsodokov)